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I was impressed with the production value in this, with the nice lighting and color grading, except the piss yellow filter isn't my favorite, I suppose it fits the dingy basement. There was good comedic timing, even if the jokes themselves weren't all that funny. It is the highest quality puppet show I've seen, since the muppets.
Good play

This has been a great series so far. I found this episode to be a bit nonsensical, but there was still a couple of good laughs had. I've been impressed with the quality of the animation when compared to previous work, and variation and creativity in the faces and poses has really sold some of the jokes. Great job dood!

Nice job on the coloring, design of the character and there juxtaposition, they were was pretty spot on. The comedic timing was a bit fast for me, but that just made me want to keep on rewatching it.

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good game killed about 30 min and music was relaxing

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Nice job mate. I usually don't like repetitive songs, but this one turned out to be not that obnoxious and actually keeps getting better with each listen. Thanks for the PBandJams

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Lol, I'm surprised I haven't seen more Mermay stuff like this yet. Very creative and almost surrealist. Love the expression of your character and the design of those cute lil goldfish.
Your post went through the art portal btw. I dunno, maybe it just takes a bit sometimes to process it.

Ruedefaux responds:

okay, well good to know. i couldnt find myself at all, and it was taking a long time to get votes, so i was like wondering if something happened.

ANYWAY. thank you :D i like approaching mermay in the weirdest way i possibly can because mermaids on their own are pretty restrictive. glad you enjoy~

Damn that's hot. I love how expressive with the multiple arms you get, in this one and the other Muffet posts. Nice job on the shading and colors also, the painterly shading you do really works for this low hazy lighting.

Daw, you made them so cute together.

Smokynori responds:

Thank you, I try :)

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